3 Initial Problems to Attack in Building a Developmental Culture

We are commonly asked similar questions around how to get started in building a developmental culture and, in sum, we have found that creating consistent programs and rituals are necessary to create behavioral change. To get started in building a developmental culture, here are three problems to consider attacking, along with our approach (and learnings) for solving for them here at Next Jump.

Next Jump Co-CEO Update: May + June

Our Co-CEO’s (Meghan Messenger and Charlie Kim) write a newsletter that we share with our own staff and Next Jump family, as well as friends of the company (including past Leadership Academy attendees). It includes a sampling of many things happening, summing up as part of our larger mission in changing workplace culture.

Teaching Innovation Challenge – how we help foster innovation within education

This year, we introduced an exciting new program called the Teaching Innovation Challenge into our Adopt-A-School program. The intent of the program is to support teachers and help enable them to bring their teaching to the next level.  Teachers and co-teaching pairs developed new curriculum, tried experiments, and generally had a go at raising their own standards and adding innovations to their schools.

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